The Great Kererū Count

22 - 27 September

1pm - 2pm

From 18 - 27 September, it’s time to turn your eyes to the skies and make a note of any Kererū that you see for the 2020 Great Kererū Count.

From 22 - 27 September, we'll be running some fun activities outside The Nest Te Kōhanga where kids can do some colouring in, learn how to make an origami Kererū and a 3D model and find out how they can make a Kererū decoration for their windows to prevent Kererū window strike.

Talk Times

Get the low down on our animals from our knowledgeable and friendly Zoo staff


10:15AM Farm Feed

10:45AM Kea Talk

11:00AM Tiger Talk

11:15AM Vets in The Nest Te Kōhanga

11:30AM Australia Talk 


12:00PM Giraffe Talk

12:30PM Chimpanzee Talk

01:15PM Cool Creatures at Hero HQ

02:00PM Sun Bear Talk

02:30PM Kiwi Talk

03:00PM Penguin Talk

04:00PM Red Panda Talk